Thompson Change by Steve Thompson

Using virtually no sleight of hand, you can transform a bill at your fingertips like real magic. It works with bills of any size or value. You can even perform the change with a piece of paper and have it visually print into a bill.

With the launch of the “Thompson Change”, Steve Thompson further cements his legacy as one of the most creative magicians in the world. His other popular releases like “Glance”, “Appearing Glass”, and “Flite”, were instant bestsellers and this will be no different.

In this download, you’ll learn how to create the super simple gimmick that makes it all possible. Don’t let the fact that a little DIY is needed deter you either. If you can fold a piece of paper and use a glue stick, you can create this gimmick. Our Chief Marketing Officer’s eight-year-old daughter was able to do it on the first try.

While the “Thompson Change” clearly has the potential to be the next viral video on your social channels, it also makes for a great opener in your close-up set.

Steve has a reputation for evolving existing ideas into something remarkable. Adding his signature Midas touch to the world of bill changes has resulted in an amazing effect we are excited to bring to you exclusively at Vanishing Inc.

Download “Thompson Change” today!

Note: While it is possible for this effect to be performed with polymer bills, it is best suited for paper bills.

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