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Mystery Formula by Phuc LD & Zihu

MYSTERY FORMULA brings you the best killer effects from the mind of Phuc LD. This project provides you with step-by-step techniques and weapons from one of the Big talent of Rubik's Cube magic from Arch magic club based in Viet Nam.

Acrobatic by Gustavo Raley

A new idea by Gustavo Raley, enjoy! With Acrobatic not only you will make the Tic Tac box raise alone in your hand but also the lid opens itself and besides one tic tac jumps from the box to your hand magically. The trick comes ready to use with all the elements that you need to perform one and a video tutorial. You can perform this effect not only in close-up but also in your social networks.

Hand Drawn by Nick Popa

“It feels like a real life Cartoon! I can’t believe my eyes, everything just looks like CGI” – Jeki Yoo “Hand drawn is the most exciting release this year. The first time I saw this trick my draw literally hit the floor!…

Color Sync by David Jonathan

"David has created the holy grail of matching effects! This is by far the best method I've seen - the cards do all the work and it looks so clean it's criminal. With no table needed and an almost instant reset, it’s perfect for strolling magicians and mentalists!" - Gary Jones "David has taken one of the strongest ESP plots and given it a brand new look along with a punch-to-the-gut high impact climax." - David Regal

Fool Us Act by Dani DaOrtiz

Dani DaOrtiz is a lifetime student of card magic. The star pupil of the legendary Juan Tamaraiz has established himself as one of the most incredible card magicians on the planet. His one-of-a-kind skills were on full display for the entire world as he fooled Penn and Teller, and every other magician watching the show, during his appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.