Category Mentalism

AOK by Lewis Lé Val

AOK by Lewis Lé Val "Lewis' thought process is one we should all be envious of, his ideas are fresh and the way he executes them is flawless. His style and choice of premise is always interesting and outside the box and every time we sit and jam I leave feeling inspired.

Mental Block by Dan Harlan

Mental Block by Dan Harlan Dan Harlan is arguably one of the most creative magicians on the planet. When he sets his mind to a time-tested effect, the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Forget everything you know about the color vision box because you are about to experience a revolution in remote viewing. Now in a handsome wooden finish, the Color Vision Box becomes one of the most beautiful props in your collection. This is Mental Block by Dan Harlan.

Torce Force by Jamie Daws

Torce Force by Jamie Daws "Clean, Clever and Direct! i love it!!" -Dan Hauss "Torce is a very clever utility move that can be applied to many effects. It's well worth learning because you then have the know how to perform a strong piece of impromptu mentalism. Well done to Jamie for releasing this!" -Angelo Carbone

Orphic by Lewis Lé Val

Orphic by Lewis Lé Val – Free Download Mysterious and entrancing beyond ordinary understanding Orphic is the ULTIMATE inconspicuous every-day carry wallet for the modern mentalist and magician. Peek, switch and load like a boss!

Eerie by Richard Osterlind

Eerie by Richard Osterlind Don’t you love it when your audiences’ mouths drop open in astonishment! Isn’t it wonderful when they think you are almost “spooky”? In this two-DVD set, you’ll see Richard Osterlind take mentalism one step further! Using props like crystal balls, pendulums, candles, spirit slates,