Category Mentalism

Limitless by Peter Nardi

Limitless by Peter Nardi Limitless allows you to do just that, and the best bit? Your spectator will believe they had a totally free choice. Limitless gives you the power to perform routines with a mentally selected card that appear absolutely impossible.

The Empty Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey

The Empty Multiple Out Envelope by Scott Creasey For the first time ever, in this 40 minute instant download video, Scott explains and demonstrates how to manufacture the "Empty Multiple Out Envelope", a utility device he has been using in both his close up and stand up performances for years. If you can use a pair of scissors, you can make "The Empty Multiple Out Envelope"

Peter Turner’s The S.T.E.M.System

Peter Turner's The S.T.E.M.System Peter Turner has been privileged to work on television, radio and live shows around the world as a consultant, expert and off screen advisor to some of the biggest names in our industry. Peter finally reveals to you the secrets and techniques used behind the scenes to make those performers' performances look miraculous.

Docc Hilford Dream Book

Docc Hilford Dream Book ORIGINAL DREAM BOOK is a full 30 – 45 minute act, that builds the illusion that YOU know a subject’s dream images – what it means – and the lucky numbers associated with it. Follow the description of the routine carefully. EFFECT: The mentalist explains he is a living Dream Book.

Jermay’s Mind by Luke Jermay 1-4

Jermay's Mind by Luke Jermay Luke Jermay is the most influential mentalist of his era. He is a virtuoso, and he conveys the illusion of real mindreading better than anyone. When he is onstage, he is simply hypnotic. He has devised some of the most groundbreaking mind reading material of the decade, yet he has never collected it all in one comprehensive, all-encompassing DVD experience...until now.

Richard Osterlind – No Camera Tricks

Richard Osterlind - No Camera Tricks What magic and mentalism on television should look like! This incredible DVD set features Richard Osterlind as the star of three simulated television shows. Watch Richard dazzle the audience with real-time, mind-boggling mysteries and, as the title of the set implies, there are absolutely no camera tricks, stooges or pre-show work! What's more, this broadcast-quality material can also be used on stage and for close-up performances.

Hands Free Prediction by Lynx Magic

Hands Free Prediction by Lynx Magic Lynx Magic brings you Hands Off Prediction, a magic trick that will fool both laymen and magicians alike. The magician shows a deck of cards, being all different and in random order.