Nu Collection by Alain Nu

Easy ACAAN-Alain teaches his ultra simple method to make this ACAAN look ultra real.

Do I know You. Real Time Prediction based on very basic get to know you questions. This will make you look like you known a complete stranger for years.

No Threat Roulette. A very practical Russian Roulette style routine with no danger. Alain’s method allows you to perform this almost anywhere in a moments notice.

Serial Killa. Alain’s personal routine for what might possibly be the most realistic serial bill divination ever.

E SPELL. Alain’s spelling routine using ESP cards. No table needed this can be done anywhere.

Apparently 9. Spectator chooses the only ESP that matches your prediction that has been in full view the entire time.

5 to 9. Predict a freely chosen ESP card in the fairest way.


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