Category Mentalism

YouTest by Jerome Sauloup

After the Best Seller Choice and Switch Cup, Jérôme Sauloup is back with YouTest! Based on the fact that in 2022 QR codes are everywhere and can even define us or give us access to certain places, Jérôme preferred to have fun with them and created YouTest. You receive 12 cards and a marker

Memories by Nikolas Mavresis

Memories by Nikolas Mavresis – Een eenvoudig systeem om een door de toeschouwer in gedachten genomen foto te kunnen dupliceren / natekenen is de droom van elke mentalist. Dit systeem van Nikolas is verbluffend, zeer direct én ook nog eens eenvoudig uit te voeren.

 Know Book by Himitsu Magic

The magician hands out a deck of cards to your spectator and has them shuffle the cards, then they choose a card at random. Without touching the deck the magician names their selection 100% precisely. Sounds impossible?

The Legacy of Phantini with Richard Osterlind

"Phantini released some of the most overlooked and powerful mentalism. Those original booklets found a permanent home in my library and are a constant source of inspiration. I'm excited that Richard Osterlind is bringing some of this material to a whole new generation of Mentalists. If you know Richard Osterlind, you already know what a great teacher he is. Don't miss this one!" - Patrick Redford

Coincidence At Play by Jay Jennings

The effect: Six chess boards are shown, each missing a different piece and then one board is chosen at random. Multiple chess pieces are shown and one is chosen by a different random method. That turns out to be the piece that is missing from the previously chosen chess board.

Reading Elements Deeply by Alfredo Gile

Reading Elements Deeply by Alfredo Gile R. E. D is a beautiful impromptu trick for mentalists. With this powerful tool you'll be able to guess names, words, letters or numbers! Imagine this: a spectator writes secretly (totally random) a name on a piece of paper and the performer instantly will guess that name!

Predictagram by Owen Garfield

Predictagram by Owen Garfield Predictagram allows you to make predictions on YOUR Instagram – of ANYTHING... It perfectly (and automatically) duplicates your existing Instagram to hide in plain sight as something your audience sees every day.

Singled Out by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

Singled Out by Jean-Pierre Vallarino You thought about the Jack of Clubs? That's good! This is the only card in the deck: only ONE Jack of Clubs because the other 51 cards are... the 3 of Hearts! You will be able to show all the cards of your deck on the table and show the spectator that this one was in fact made up only of the 3 of Hearts (for example) except one card: the Jack of Clubs,