Category Mentalism

Quadratic by Vinny Sagoo

Quadratic by Vinny Sagoo Divide and Conquer! Calculate the impossible with this math based mental miracle! With the quadratic system, you can divide a random 7 digit number into quarters, within a matter of seconds.

Lacuna by Brandon Queen

Lacuna by Brandon Queen A TWO-PHASE MASTERPIECE Refined over YEARS of real-world performance from pro mentalist/hypnotist Brandon Queen. Phase 1: You successfully read someone's thoughts. This alone is amazing, and truth is this would be enough for most performers... but Brandon takes it one massive step further.

Think Pink by Ran Pink

Think Pink by Ran Pink 2021: This all-new DELUXE edition contains everything from the COMPLETE edition, plus a bonus video where for the first time ever, Chad Long teaches his professional routines and handling of Think Pink he's used to make his living for the last decade, including his trade-show routine.

Retina by Looch

Retina by Looch "Solid, tried-and-tested MIRACLES." -Peter Turner "Looch has taken the art of mentalism into the 21st century." -Bob Cassidy "Looch never ceases to amaze me." -Marc Spelmann Look deep into someone's eyes, and KNOW what they're thinking. They'll swear you have a GIFT.

Blackout by Nefesch

Blackout by Nefesch Blackout, is a technique that will allow you to make any revelation through a spectator's phone, the revelation is made by any friend from the spectator that he chooses to call, the spectator's friend can be miles away, you have never met any of them and yet the revelation is accurate. The description is this simple:

John Archer – Further Education

John Archer - Further Education Brand new from John Archer, FURTHER EDUCATION features more of John"s explosive blend of comedy, mentalism and magic, all packed into two high-energy discs of entertainment!

What am I thinking by Marc Spelmann

What am I thinking by Marc Spelmann Marc Spelmann knows A LOT. How to read minds, construct spine-tingling routines backed up with bullet-proof methods. But most importantly, he knows how to FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT. "What Am I Thinking" is full of powerful tricks that convince people you have SUPERNATURAL POWERS.