Reverse Psychology by Rick Lax


It’s a TEN-CARD ROUTINE packed with moments of HUMOR, PSYCHOLOGY, REVERSE-PSYCHOLOGY…and ultimately AWE.

Your spectators will think you got INSIDE THEIR BRAINS…and the harder they try to get you out, THE DEEPER IN YOU GO.

You cleanly show 10 cards. Each card has a special message on it, designed to ATTRACT or REPEL the spectator from choosing it. “PICK ME,” “DON’T PICK ME,” “YES,” “NO”—that sort of thing. Your spectator freely chooses one of the cards. And then you show her DEFINITIVE PROOF that you KNEW WHICH CARD SHE’D PICK…BEFORE SHE PICKED IT.

You’ll be able to make your own set of REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY cards from a normal deck and a Sharpie within five minutes. You’ll be performing it within fifteen. But know this: Reverse Psychology is EVERY BIT AS POWERFUL as it is EASY TO DO.

-Rick Lax

Special Message to Advanced Magicians

If you’re familiar with the Olram Subtlety and Trost’s work on it, you’re ESPECIALLY going to LOVE the verbal/psychological ploys that Lax has added to Marlo’s classic count. These subtleties not only allow you to achieve an amazing, streamlined effect with ONE deck of cards, they also allow for an organic presentation, where the spectator isn’t just picking a random card; she’s trying to resist a barrage of psychological influences.

THANK YOU TO: Justin Flom, Bizzaro, Nick Diffatte, Ryan Stock, AmberLynn, Jake Roeber, Front Row Mo, Marlo, Trost

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