Category Mentalism

The Influencer by Lewis Le Val

The Influencer by Lewis Le Val The Influencer by Lewis Le Val This brand new download from Lewis Le Val contains 3 impromptu mentalism effects that require no gimmicks, minimal setup and can be performed with borrowed objects.

One More Step by Vinny Sagoo

One More Step by Vinny Sagoo One More Step is a super easy, mental marvel using ordinary Uno cards. Effect: - Step 1 - Display the cards - Step 2 - Mix the cards - Step 3 - Spread the cards Even after all that mixing, you correctly predict that NONE of the colours will be together.

Gerti Reborn by Romanos

Gerti Reborn by Romanos "You've got the signed coin, and it's in THIS hand!" You'll be able to say this! If you have ever wanted to perform a 'coin in which hand' type of effect, Gerti Reborn is for you. You have two coins; you ask a spectator to sign one of the coins. You invite the spectator to place one coin in your hand and to place the other coin in one of their own hands. Without looking, not only are you able to reveal which of you has the signed coin, with the updated Gerti Reborn you are now able to tell the spectator which coin they have, as well as in which hand they hold the coin.

Unlimited by Banachek

Unlimited by Banachek Banachek's Unlimited technique is legendary. He's used it to fool the top pros in the field of mentalism. To witness him perform it is like seeing a real mind reader. Unlimited Power is an advanced secret-writing technique that gives you unlimited possibilities.

Nu Collection by Alain Nu

Nu Collection by Alain Nu Easy ACAAN-Alain teaches his ultra simple method to make this ACAAN look ultra real. Do I know You. Real Time Prediction based on very basic get to know you questions. This will make you look like you known a complete stranger for years.

The Experience by Peter Turner

The Experience by Peter Turner Peter Turner has very quickly established himself as one of the world's leading mentalists. Due to his forward thinking and ability to design a beautiful premise behind a routine, he is in constant demand as a creative consultant, lecturer and entertainer.