Category Mentalism

The Cbring Thumb Writer by Andreas Sebri

The lead has a forward pointing angle which make it possible to write longer words and names. The bands on the writer are adjustable and together with the curved shaped writer you will get a 100% secured writer on your thumb – perfect for accurate writing.

Mind Over Matter by Daniel Johnson

'Mind Over Matter' is the debut DVD from one of the UK's most aspiring mentalists, Daniel Dorian Johnson. Daniel regularly works as a street performer and has learned to satisfy even the toughest of crowds with his unique performance style.

Ghost Deck by Arnel Renegado

Spectator select any card from the deck, you then put it back and lost in a pack, the deck put it leaning into a wall, coffee cup or soda can suddenly the deck move and cut by itself, Welcome to GHOST DECK. NO GIMMICK NOTHING TO ADD NORMAL DECK OF CARDS

The Crystal Billet Box by David Regal

This is a gimmicked box that has been precision-crafted from thick acrylic that enables a performer to switch a group of billets, force an item, make something appear, make something vanish, and can even be used as a prediction chest.