FAST by Daniel Dorian Johnson

One of the bestselling tricks at Blackpool is finally available to you. Using a powerful system, “F.A.S.T” offers you five amazing effects that are so easy to perform, it’s almost criminal.

“F.A.S.T” by Daniel Dorian Johnson and MindFX does not need any flashy advertising techniques to make sales. The strong material speaks for itself. It’s the perfect fusion of card magic and mentalism. Even better, the project will continue to evolve as more material is developed with the core system.

Here’s the best part, every effect takes just a few minutes to setup. Any deck of cards can be used from your your trusty pack of Bicycle Playing Cards to one of your favorite decks of custom luxury playing cards.

Contents of “F.A.S.T” by Daniel Dorian Johnson

This was the knockout effect that played a huge role in “F.A.S.T” being a total sellout at Blackpool. “Berg-Fast” is a stunningly clean version of the “Begrlas Effect.” A thought-of card appears at a thought-of number in a deck that the spectator can deal through themselves.

The effect that had Michael Murray smiling from ear to ear, this is a superb and fair Open Prediction style card trick. The participant is freely invited to generate a playing card of their choice, and yet the exact position of that card proves to have been predicted in advance.

A super clean and easy “memory demonstration” in which the mentalist can able rapidly “memorize” a full deck of cards in under a minute. You’ll not only be able to immediately identify which playing card a participant freely chose to remove from the deck, but also the exact positions of the three mates to that card too. Using the “F.A.S.T” system, Daniel has streamlined one of his most beloved effects “False Memory” to create this new, nearly self-working “Fast Memory” routine.

These two effects combine to create a powerhouse gambling demonstration based around the legendary ‘Phantom’ deal which leaves no doubt in the audience’s mind that you have superior card handling skills. What they’ll never know is that you don’t have to have mastered any complicated sleight of hand to accomplish any of it.

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