Maxim by Lloyd Barnes(NO APP)

“Maxim” is a must-have magic app that allows you to do amazing stacked deck work without ever having to memorize a stack. For those who already work with memorized decks, it’s the perfect companion to make miracle-level effects easier than ever. You can perform a flawless and fair ACAAN with almost no effort required.

What is “Maxim”

“Maxim” is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you multiple ways to reveal a freely-named playing card in any stacked deck. You’ll instantly know exactly which number to tell them they should deal down to find their named card—in a deck they just mixed.

No complicated mathematics or brain work required. Just focus on your presentation.

Where “Maxim” really shines is how it breathes new life into the ACAAN. While having a card appear at an arbitrary number might impress magicians, it’s pretty boring to laypeople. “Maxim” allows you to make the effect more personal and magical by giving meaning to the number—whether it’s counting to the exact date of the year, spelling the card or, with a few extra seconds of prep work, personalizing it to count to their name or birthday. You’ll always have a super strong reveal at your disposal.

If you want to get into semantics, this means it’s technically not an Any Card at Any Number effect because the number is calculated based on how the spectator handled the cards and is not freely named. However, we assure you that adding this extra layer of meaning makes the effect as strong, if not stronger, than what some might consider a more “pure” ACAAN.

Here’s how “Maxim” works:

You hand your spectator a deck of playing cards in any stack of your choice. It could be Aronson, Mnemonica, Si Stebbins or even your own stack. You don’t even need to have the stack fully memorized.

The spectator is invited to “shuffle” or “mix” the deck under the table or behind their back. We put those terms in quotes because in you’ve probably already realized the order can’t be disturbed. In reality, you’re just instructing them to cut the deck multiple times. But, the way it’s structured really makes them believe they are “shuffling the deck.”

While they “shuffle”, they name any playing card. Let’s say they choose the Queen of Hearts. They bring the deck back out in front of them and you immediately know up to three different ways to reveal their card (i.e. dealing down to the exact date and finding their card).

What makes Maxim so devious is how naturally your phone is integrated into the routine. It can be used completely out in the open, giving you all the information you need, without anyone ever suspecting a thing. Or, you can use it covertly without the phone ever coming in to play.

All you need to do is focus on creating an engaging and fun performance.

”Maxim” Important Details

  • Easy enough for beginner magicians, while being powerful enough for working pros
  • Amplifies your stack work, but can also be done without knowing a stack at all
  • Allows you to focus on presentation instead of stumbling through math work in your head
  • Visual stack editor allows you easily integrate any stack you want
  • Various different reveals are possible
  • Multiple input options and peek options
  • Can be customized to work in any language
  • Customizable spectator profiles allow you to take Maxim to miracle status
  • Works on both iPhone and Android phones

This app is ready to go at a moment’s notice. It lives on your phone (iOS or Android) allowing you to perform unexplainable miracles at any time.

Brought to you by the same creative team behind “Cognito“, “Maxim” is a worthy addition to your magic app library. Get your copy today!

Please Note: Some of the reveals in “Maxim” use a spelling component to reach the named card. As such, you may need to translate the words into your own language or find a similar equivalent. Many different languages have already been translated and added to the private Facebook group.

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