Unbroken by Cody Nottingham

Unbroken by Cody Nottingham This fooled me so bad when I first saw it! Unavailable until now, this miracle has been locked in a vault for 2 years due to an agreement with a well-known magician who wanted it for his own personal repertoire. One of the perks of being a wealthy illusionist, I guess. Once you see the effect, you'll understand why he got so greedy.

Parallels by Think Nguyen & Alakazam

Parallels by Think Nguyen & Alakazam "Think Nguyen has some of the coolest card magic I've ever seen!" - DYNAMO Think is a professional close up magician from Belgium, who specializes in card magic. Humble and quite reserved, he has only shared his magic with a select few people until now.

Nu Collection by Alain Nu

Nu Collection by Alain Nu Easy ACAAN-Alain teaches his ultra simple method to make this ACAAN look ultra real. Do I know You. Real Time Prediction based on very basic get to know you questions. This will make you look like you known a complete stranger for years.

CCC Chinese Chop Cup by Ziv

CCC Chinese Chop Cup by Ziv Imagine a Chop Cup made of glass - well, it's here now! This is a new method -- it does not use magnets, does not use any glue, and all accessories can be examined. Wrap the CCC Chinese Chop Cup with a cloth, and incredible magic happens. Balls appear and disappear, seemingly at will. You'll love this, and so will your audience. And because it's made of glass, it's a magician fooler as well!! Includes all accessories.

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1 Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 1: Lie Detector In the first lesson of the Semi-Automatic Weapons Project Dani starts off with an incredible effect that turns you into a human lie-detector. The deck is offered to a spectator to hold. The magician turns away and has another spectator cover their eyes. While their eyes are covered the spectator shuffles the deck. They are then instructed to deal the cards one at a time face up onto the table and say the identity of the cards out loud.

Vision Box by Joao Miranda

Vision Box by Joao Miranda From the mind of João Miranda comes Vision Box, an amazing utility box that allows the magician to perform a totally invisible switch, right under the nose of the spectators.

Calen Morelli – Odyssey

Calen Morelli - Odyssey A ring is fairly placed on your index finger. In a split second, the ring visibly JUMPS to your thumb. But that's just the start. The ring is then fairly and openly placed on your middle finger. Don't blink or you'll miss it - the ring impossibly TELEPORTS to the ring finger - of your OTHER hand.