Secrets by Scott Creasey


Secrets is not a book of brand-new methods, props or gadgets, because they are not the real secrets. It is intended to be more of a guide book, littered with observations, the primary focus being the psychology, theory and real-world application of mentalism as psychic entertainment, be warned though, some of my views on what is believable and what is not, can be controversial.

I am very aware however that when people buy books on mentalism, they normally want to learn some routines as well, and so, I’ve included some of the routines that I still use today for those that pay.

Hardback, 220 pages, 15 routines and variations, 15 essays and observations and 34 photographic explanations.

“ Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed Secrets. It’s beautifully written, and is full of wonderful articles and entertaining effects.  I’ve always enjoyed performing pendulum effects, and look forward to performing “The Pendulum and the Envelope”. I especially enjoy the fact that you’re two ahead for most of the routine. I enjoyed “What’s in a Name, and the variations you included. Years ago, you converted me to Bob Hummer’s clever idea, and it was great to read your new ideas on it. “For the Love of Pi” is another effect I can’t wait to perform. It’s strange, as I’d never been excited about Pi until reading your book. Together, “The Bookless Book Test” and “Boxed Clown” make a wonderful routine with plenty of audience participation to create a highly memorable effect. As with your earlier books, I could go on and on about the different effects you’ve created, but have to let you know yet again how much fun I’m having with “Remote Tarot.” For me, it’s the perfect effect, as it can be done impromptu anywhere, and the participant gets a reading at the end.

I especially loved your observations on mentalism. They show just how much thought you’ve put into every aspect of your work. “Psychic Reality”, in which you answer the question, “When did you discover you had this gift?”, is a perfect example. I could list all of your articles, but “Psychic Reality”, “Getting the Gigs”, “The Pursuit of Believability”, “Selling the Real Deal”, “Pendulum Power”, “Scripting”, and “Real World Applications” should be read by everyone seriously interested in the art of mentalism.

Thanks again for letting me read your book. The right person could make a career using nothing but effects from Secrets. I hope you do really well with it. I know you’re focusing on writing for the general public now, but hope you’ll find time to write more for the trade.”

Richard Webster

“It’s super-stuff Scott, This is powerful stuff. Really my kind of thing.

I can totally relate to all this, as you can imagine with all the imagery you are using. It’s like I’m reading myself a bit, but put in a way more elegant way.

Your idea of having her create all the scenery without knowing the word, and know the scenery as soon as you peek, is simply superb. I love this idea; it really distances the performer from the billet.

I take immense pleasure reading this… And it’s not that often that something excites me….”

Phedon Bilek

In Scott’s own words, this is not a book of brand-new methods, props or gadgets, because they are not the real secrets”.
Actually, I am glad this isn’t that kind of book.

After years of performing professionally myself, it really is true – they are not the real secrets. Scott Creasey has been inspiring to me on my journey in mentalism. Almost like fate, his recent hard bound releases have come at a time in my career when I was searching for that little bit more in my performances, giving me a sense of direction.

“Secrets” had me finishing it in only two sittings; and I will be going through it again.

Traditionally in a book containing both essays and routines, I would skim thru the former and delve straight into the routines. Scott’s books have had an opposite effect on me, and I found myself wanting more of his essays, some of which I really connected with. That is not to say the routines are not solid – they are utterly convincing and I can’t wait to perform “The Peek and the Pendulum”, “For the Love of Pi” and apply the “Structured Imagery” technique in my own work.

The “Psychometric Envelopes” section amazes me at how much he can get for so little work. If you know you enjoy Scott Creasey’s thinking and have had some experience performing mentalism, I highly recommend this.

Nique Tan

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