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HONEY JASMIT – Beyond senses

HONEY JASMIT - Beyond senses Did you always wanted to perform a mindblowing card trick , any where, any time, and with any borrowed deck ? Then your search ends here.

Intuition ACAAN by Brad Ballew

Intuition ACAAN by Brad Ballew Intuition ACAAN is a new approach to a classic plot. It provides a very relevant and personal experience for the spectator that is missing in many ACAAN effects. The spectator freely selects a suit and 3 random single digit numbers. The first two numbers become a position in the deck while the third number is used as the card value. Without touching the deck, the spectator counts down to find their card at the chosen position.

Edo Huang – Membership Series

Edo Huang - Membership Series What's inside: Edo Huang - Membership Series - INDICATOR SANDWICH Edo Huang - Membership Series - 4 IN 1 TRANSPO Edo Huang - Membership Series - CASTROL&FIJI Edo Huang - Membership Series - FAN Tasy Edo Huang - Membership Series - TC TRANSPO

Volunteer Swindler by Hiro Sakai&Mark Mason

Volunteer Swindler by Hiro Sakai&Mark Mason Two bills are displayed, a regular bill, and a bill with a slit in the center. Both bills are placed into your wallet. You explain that whenever you are in a store or a bar and the check is , you always pay using only the bill, with the slit in it.

The Floating Ball by Luis De Matos

The Floating Ball by Luis De Matos AN AMAZING ILLUSION FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER ONE MAN OPERATION NO MOTORS OR ELECTRONICS NEW 100% ORIGINAL MOVES EASY, SIMPLE AND QUICK SET-UP START CLEAN, FINISH CLEAN 9 PHASE ROUTINE "When I saw Luis' original routine and method I was stunned. You really can't believe the control Luis has created." - PAUL DANIELS

Duane Laflin – Kid Show Silk Magic

Duane Laflin - Kid Show Silk Magic Silk magic–it packs small yet is so visual it can easily be seen by every child even in a packed school auditorium. On this videotape, professional entertainer Duane Laflin performs an entire show of silk magic before a live audience-you'll get to see how the children react to these colorful and exciting tricks. And after the performance, you'll join Duane in the studio where he gives complete explanations to all of the routines you saw.