Unreal Cups and Balls by Jimmy Fan

Unreal Cups and Balls (Mini) by Jimmy Fan

Speaking of Cups and Balls magic, it is an ancient magic that can be traced back thousands of years ago.

After thousands of years, Cups and Balls magic has evolved and is made of various materials, such as wood, steel, copper and even leather. It becomes a basic magic and each performer has his own unique style.

Cups and Balls magic always has these effects, disappearing, transfering, appearing, becoming bigger or smaller. In any case, we need to use cups and balls.

So we learned, modified and finally succeeded in designing a very interesting Cups and Balls. Not only has it a variety of traditional effects and routines, but we also combine the traditional egg cup and snowstorms cup magic. And a magnetic cup and a secret gimmick were added. Now the cup can easily produce beans, sand or liquid.

Next is the key point! In order to be flexible for portability, we reduced its size and then reduced it again. Yes, it is mini Cups and Balls. You can perform on any occasion. Such a cute cup with so many functions and effects, I think it will definitely make you love it.

The cup is made of refined brass and has well-designed appearance, comfortable polishing and sufficient weight. Your every performance will be a wonderful experience!

It is a Cups and Balls magic but different from Cups and Balls magic.

Comes complete with:
– 2 mini cups
– 1 magnetic cup
– 1 gimmick cup
– 3 mini red crochet balls
– 1 mini red magnetic crochet ball
– Online video instruction

Note: the three bigger crochet balls in above images are not included.

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