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Fortuna by David Jonathan

The ULTIMATE Mental Choice effect from David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis! "Fortuna is pure synergy. It's a beautiful effect coupled with a devilishly smart method. Nikolas and David have created a truly stunning piece of magic." - Lloyd Barnes

Laced Up by Donnovan Mount

"Laced Up is exactly what real magic would look like. It is genuinely stunning and better yet surprisingly very practical! This is the perfect everyday carry - just put on your shoes and you will have an absolute miracle ready to go!" - David Jonathan

Prestige 2.0 by Sergey Koller & Hide

Everyone asking about this... So now we proudly introduce PRESTIGE 2.0 Non-Elastic, big changes: Thread never break! System works on gravity Quality of flaps, papers and plastic sleeves is better!

Gambit by Tony Anverdi

Anverdi's Gambit is a perfect add-on for Anverdi's Mental Dice Set. Anverdi's Gambit is 4 beautiful chess pieces (Ebony and Ivory colors) precision-made to hold the Anverdi Dice inside them.

Y Wand by MS Magic

Introducing a brand new color changing wand effect created by magic champion, Mr. Y. This very special wand allows you to