Pick Your Poison by Erick Olson and Bill Abbott

Brought to you by seasoned bar magician Erick Olson, in partnership with Bill Abbot, “Pick your Poison” is a fun bar-bet style magic trick where you can’t lose. It can be presented as a fun game or a demonstration of mind control.

Here’s What Happens

Three drink coasters with different drinks on them (beer, whiskey and wine) are removed from a case. Left inside the case, and seen through the clear plastic front, is a $20 bill.

You explain that you’re going to influence the spectator to choose one of the three drinks. You are SO confident that you already KNOW which drink they’re going to pick, that you’re willing to bet the $20. The spectator then makes an absolutely free choice of one of the drinks. Yet, no matter what they choose, you’ll always be able to show that your prediction, which was in full view from the beginning of the routine, was correct.

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