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The Zombie Book by Twister Magic

From the Creative Twister Team comes an innovative Children's Magic Routine! Luis Zavaleta, Professor Otto and George Iglesias teamed up to develop a new magic trick. Indeed, it is much more that a single trick, it is a solid children's magic routine that will entertain kids and adults as well! This is a trick you can do anytime during the year. It's about a family photo album that will come to life and transform into scary zombies who will eventually disappear and jump onto the magician's back!

The Long and Short Of It by David Regal

THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is not a card trick. THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is not a coin trick. THE LONG & SHORT OF IT is David Regal's magical explosion of the classic boomerang illusion, a complete performance piece packed with amazement and amusement,

Last Word by Justin Miller

Justin Miller Last Word - Imagine being able to take someone, anyone, to the very point of their own death, the very minute and second right before they die.

Follow the Silver by Tango

This is a NEW Silver Copper Brass Transposition version in half dollar waking liberty size. We make a beautiful line of walking liberty replicas, in brass, copper and silver color.

Master Gag Prediction by Smayfer

We have change the miracle of predictions. Imagine having a prediction where the public is always seeing it and everything they said is written. In addition, this routine has been designed to be fun and increase the climax with a magical effect.

Crazy Money by Mickael Chatelain

Take a simple banknote, a €10 note for example, a 100% ordinary note, without preparation and without any special effects! Fold the €10 banknote in half, then in four in front of your spectators, hold it between thumb and forefinger, in full view and in full light, just a few centimeters from your spectators!