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Knot Unexpected by Jim Steinmeyer & Vortex Magic

Vortex Magic presents KNOT UNEXPECTED by Jim Steinmeyer Jim Steinmeyer is considered one of the most creative thinkers in magic, and Knot Unexpected shows why this is. After Doug Henning's performance of the 'moving knot' on his television special he reached out to Jim to come up with a method that was more practical for his touring show.

DroString by Ebbytones

DROSTRING is a very visual effect using the drawstrings on a pair of sweatpants You can perform some incredible effects such as: Color changing, transformation, change position, catching the spectator's chosen card, and it all looks absolutely seamless This effect has a unique and easy method

 Shadow by Alex, Wenzi & MS Magic

From the genius mind of Alex Effect: The magician displays an envelope and a blank card, places the blank card inside the envelope, and has a spectator sign in the window of the envelope. A card is chosen and signed, then vanishes from the deck. The signed card magically transforms into their selected card with their own signature!

Wrong Way by Inaki Zabaletta & Vernet Magic

The magician shows a large traffic signal (12.5") that has a big arrow in each side. He explains that this signal is very important because the traffic must go in that way. One arrow is shown to be pointing to the left and the other to the right. The magician explains "this signal means that the traffic must go to the right and this other to the left". The comedy begins when the arrows begins to change and points the opposite way, both to the right, then both to the left, then up and down. Finally the magician says "... and if you don't pay attention to the traffic

J-shirt by Jeki Yoo

J-SHIRT is a visual color-changing T-shirt effect that I have been performing in my show for over 10 years! I believe this is my ultimate solution for a color-changing T-shirt effect, once you learn the deceptive and practical secret you will absolutely love to perform J-SHIRT! It's always been important for me to create a unique and visual opener that packs small

Zombie Hand by Hanson Chien

A delightfully creepy new take on a one-of-a-kind classic effect. Bob Farmer's "Little Hand" has delighted people of all ages for decades. And now, you can enjoy a newly-designed Zombie version that is sure to shock and entertain everyone you meet.

 Knot Routine…Plus by Dennis Loomis

The most comprehensive video assemblage of Magical Knots and Rope Flourishes ever produced. The backbone is the Dennis Loomis Knot Routine. Each of the Knots in Dennis' routine is performed and then explained.