Grandma’s Miracle by TCC Magic & Chen Yang

Grandmother’s Necklace is a classic magic trick that has fascinated audiences for over 400 years, dating back to the Middle Ages.

The magician presents two ropes and three beads, inviting the audience to thread the ropes through the beads. The audience holds the beads, the magician ties the ropes on the back of their hand, and the ropes pass through the audience’s hand amazingly, leaving the beads in their palm.

There is no magic more captivating to an audience than magic that happens in their own hands.

In this version, we use highly transparent crystal beads instead of traditional opaque beads. The transparent beads allow the audience to see every detail of the ropes threaded through them, making the trick more convincing and deceptive. The ropes are also made more durable by using the hoodie rope and improved gimmick. Additionally, it requires almost no sleight-of-hand, allowing you to focus on your performance and presentation.


  • Transparent beads for a clear and more deceptive display
  • Durable gimmicked hoodie ropes
  • Easy to carry and perform

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