Bigger Fish Files by Peter Turner (150 Videos+PDF)

The material in the first two books changed Pete’s life forever and he never anticipated how far he would come and grow as a performer since their release, and yet, here we are…

In Pete’s words – 

Firstly, for anyone that has followed my story and has supported both me and my work, I thank you – You’ve helped me as a performer and a creator.

I rarely brag about my creations but this one is something special.

It would take far too long to list everything on this project, you’ll just have to trust me when I say it will change you as a performer (it’s certainly changed me).

This material is inspired by the Biggerfish books – I’ve revisited those books given the material INSANE twists, updates and created brand new, never before seen material, principles and plots inspired by those books.

What started as me updating the material in those books (for myself) turned into an obsession and that obsession turned into me creating what I consider my best work to date.

If you thought Devil in Disguise 2 was a big project you’ll love this.

I’ve worked hard with Tom Phoenix to create a security system that is so unique to protect the material – that alone I guarantee you will smile at.

I’ve also flown Jacob Smith in from the states to film this project in a way no other project has ever been shot. I’ve directed this project from start to finish and personally been editing this project myself. Fuck, it looks cool.

Anyway enough of me rambling let’s talk details.

This is limited to 200 bottles.

Devil in Disguise 2 sold out incredibly quickly and I got a number of emails telling me I never gave enough time for people to reserve themselves a copy – well here’s your chance.

Secure your copy today!

Note: The price point reflects the quality of the material and time and effort that has gone into this). Trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed!

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