Chaos Project Chapter 9 By Dani DaOrtiz(One Second For The World)

One Second For The World

Chapter Nine of the Chaos project features an amazing Out Of This World and some delightful theory on how to control the choices and actions of your spectators. The material in this lesson, taught by Dani DaOrtiz, is a masterclass in one of the most popular effects in card magic. Welcome to The Chaos Project with Dani DaOrtiz.

The What
This amazing approach to Out Of This World gives the audience a real sense that their choices are their own. The magician hands out groups of cards to his spectators for them to shuffle before the deck is reassembled. The deck is spread face up on the table, and the spectator is asked to take a mental snapshot of the order of the deck in their mind. The deck is turned face down, and then the spectator and the magician take turns grabbing groups of cards and separating out the cards they want vs. the ones they don’t want. When the entire deck is divided, the discard pile is turned over and shown to be a complete mess. However, the cards the spectator and the magician took are shown to have been perfectly divided into red and black. Everything is examinable.

The How
As soon as you have seen the trick, Dani immediately teaches you the core mechanics of the trick so you can start practicing. This variation of a classic approach to Out Of This World is diabolical. It requires almost no sleight of hand and is almost criminally easy to perform. Dani’s layers of chaos make this trick nearly impossible for even the cleverest of magicians to backtrack while they watch it, and lay people don’t stand a chance. Based upon methods from his close friend Lennart Green, Dani shares with you an Out Of This World that is a real show stopper.

The Why
In The Why, Dani shares with you the true secrets of chaos. Not only do you get an in-depth tutorial on the effect, but you also get the details on the theories that Dani uses to make this trick really sing. Dani will introduce you to the One Second For Magic concept. This is a fascinating way of controlling your spectator’s actions during a trick. You’ll also learn the Even Shuffle. This virtually sleight-free method of mixing a deck allows you to keep a special type of stack intact while giving your audience the illusion that the deck is mixed. All of this is wrapped up in Dani’s theories of playing with the timing of the effect and its actions to create a truly astonishing effect.

The Chaos Project is a year-long course in learning some of the most devious methods and principles that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so deceptive. The ninth lesson teaches you how to involve control your spectator’s choices and actions to make a trick truly memorable. Embrace the chaos with Dani DaOrtiz in Chapter 9 of The Chaos Project.

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