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Minify by Kev G & Lord Harri

Introducing Minify, an amazing card effect that will leave your audience surprised and stunned! With the innovative gimmick, you can perform this incredible trick with ease, while your audience is left guessing how you did it.

Perplexions by Adam Dadswell

Adam Dadswell mixes simple sleight of hand with mentalism to create a unique blend of easy-to-do, hard-hitting mental magic. Learn card tricks with a mental flavour that will leave your spectators stunned!

Chaos Project Chapter 9 By Dani DaOrtiz(One Second For The World)

One Second For The World Chapter Nine of the Chaos project features an amazing Out Of This World and some delightful theory on how to control the choices and actions of your spectators. The material in this lesson, taught by Dani DaOrtiz, is a masterclass in one of the most popular effects in card magic. Welcome to The Chaos Project with Dani DaOrtiz.

 Unstable by Dingding

An impossible penetration effect! A fun and original penetration effect you can carry with you. Easy to build and to perform. Learn this unique effect today!

Melt (Coin Thru Cellophane) by Biz

Biz’s MELT is a lipsmacking piece of visual magic that totally defies logic and looks utterly impossible. "Holy Hell! I have NO idea how that works!" Cameron Francis

Osmosis by Teja Yendapally

A Brilliant routine involving a spectators signed coin and signed card! A signed coin penetrates through the deck right into a signed card under test conditions! No awkward moves or switches; heck the spectator can pull the coin out of the card themselves!!!