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Blizzard by Dean Dill

"Dean Dill's 'Blizzard' caused a storm on its release decades ago. The method flew by everyone! I loved demoing this effect when I worked at Showplace Magic and am so happy it'll be available again." - Paul Vigil "Dean was a monster when it came to fooling people - especially magicians - very badly

Die-abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence

Perform an incredible solid through solid effect with an ordinary die and just a couple of playing cards. Direct from the mind of one of the modern masters of gimmicks comes a visual miracle that you have to see to believe. This is Die-Abolical Bet by Nicholas Lawrence. Here’s what happens:

Blindz by Mark Bennett

A unique peek gimmick that makes the spectator blind but gives you a clear view. 8 years in the making, Blindz allows you to keep the peek device in plain sight whilst keeping its secrets from your audience.

Kicker Changing Deck by Jordan Victoria

Kicker changing deck is the color changing deck for your daily use ! Imagine a FREELY selected card placed in between two jokers. The 3 cards are shown front and back and the middle card changes color. Now take off the selected card from in between the two jokers and show its back once again : it has another color !

 Perspective 2.0 by Julio Montoro

Welcome to Perspective: The Second Version. In 2021, Julio Montoro released Perspective. It instantly became a bestseller, with hundreds of units sold out in just a few days. The internet cracked with clips of magicians performing it in their social media.