Sci-Fold by Calix

Do you like the Mercury Fold? You like to go straight to the effect?

Imagine putting the card back into the pack, closing the deck and the card is already folded.

The Sci-fold is my take on the folding card method.

With the mercury fold you have to control, turn, and do the move.

With the Sci-fold, you close the deck it’s done.

In this project you will watch the method from different points of view.

that’s not all, you will find 2 routines: the card in the wallet, the card in the box.

Plus, useful theory for all of your card magic from a professional: how to shuffle after folding, how to cut, body position, and being more natural with your playing card.

“Definitely worth your attention!” Steve Bedwell

The video contains voice over in English.

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