Mastering The Classics by Michael Vincent

The Alakazam Magic Academy & The Michael Vincent Academy of Magic

Proudly Present

Super Session

Mastering The Classics Tutored By Michael Vincent

Join Michael Vincent for an exciting conversation on Mastering Magic.

What does this means, Mastering Magic?

It simply means taking what you already know and making it even better.

Can you:

Handle Cards with Neatness and Precision?

Execute Card Control of various Kinds?

Execute an impeccable Double Lift?

Execute The Top Change?

Palm Cards with both hands from any position in the deck?

Cull Cards in a deceptive manner?

Execute the False Shuffle in the Hands and on The Table?

Can you present miracles with a borrowed deck?

Are confident performing?

These questions are an important consideration because they will reveal to you where you really are with your magic. These tools are critical to the success of your routines.

Michael Vincent is an acknowledge world-class expert on the execution of classic sleight of hand in card and coin magic plus Close-up and Parlour Magic. Michael is firmly placed to teach you the correct way to execute these techniques and offer up suggestions you may not have considered.  

Michael has many students around the world who are now enjoying their performances of magic simply because they took the time to study with him.

Now it is your turn to learn from a master of his craft.

Join us; this will be an exciting conversation.

Michael will share some amazing routines with you along the way.

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