Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo

Sneak a coin into their hand as though it were a phantasm. Pass the same coin through the table as though it were a specter. This gimmick will give you the power to vanish a coin as simply as letting it fall into another dimension. This is Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo.

Autograph Hound by Rian Lehman

The most nostalgic and family friendly prediction you will add to your act. This is a theme park autograph book filled with random signatures, all sourced and hand signed with the official character signatures.

No B.S. (No Billet Switching) by Joe Diamond

No B.S. (No Billet Switching) For the last 15 years, I’ve kept this impromptu secret to myself. With just a stack of borrowed business cards and a pen, you can do everything most billet switching routines involve without all t

Chaos Project Chapter 5 by Dani DaOrtiz(The Big Coincidence)

The Big Coincidence Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a coincidence so big that it’s an unbelievable miracle. Two packets contain matching mates despite the constant chaos of shuffling.Now set up in easy-to-follow chapters of The What, The How, and The Way, learning the magic of Dani DaOrtiz is even easier than ever before.