Concealed by Peter Eggink

An ultra quick and ultra easy card to pocket. Any card is selected and is signed by the spectator. Next, the card is lost back in the pack and with just a tap of your sharpie, the card has magically vanished from within the pack - you explain that the card has gone through an actual portal. With no funny moves or whatsoever your empty hand reaches into your back pocket only to reveal the spectator's signed card!

The Real Deal by Landon Swank

NEVER BE THE MARK!!! Over 300 billion dollars is gambled away every year, and not all of it is lost by chance… Card Sharping has been around for as long as the deck itself. The best way to protect yourself against a Sharp is to know their secrets,

Little Big Assistant by Patricio Teran

"A very funny and tender revelation that will make you smile, I am a big fan of Patricio's creativity" - Victor Sanz With just a flick, a selected card appears in the hands of the little magician!

Peanut Butter & Cheese by Josh Burch

"Josh Burch sent me a demo of his new release Peanut Butter and Cheese and I LOVE IT! It’s clean and visual AF!!! Do yourself a favour and grab one while you can!" - Matt Johnson, AGT, The World's Best, The Illusionists, Fool Us