Danny Urbanus – Dutch Kiss

Like most modern card magicians, Danny Urbanus has always been fascinated by the "French Kiss" effect. It's such a strong piece of magic that never fails to amaze an audience. The only real flaw is that you need an extra playing card.

Self-Working ACAAN by Abhina

An effortless ACAAN that the audience performs for themselves. Features : - Completely self-working - Can be done Close-up, Parlor or On-Stage - Uses a regular pack of cards - No memorization, mathematics or improvisation

Bonneteau DTC by Philippe Molina

En exclusivité chez Marchand de trucs ! Marcus Coins est bien plus qu'un tour de pièce, c'est une expérience, une métaphore que vous aimerez partager avec votre spectateur.

Disposition by Franco Pascali

It’s an impossible coincidence — with an ordinary deck. The cards are shuffled over, and over, and over again — and each time, the spectator makes a series of free decisions. They choose everything — which pile to shuffle into which pile, which pile to turn face up, and which pile to turn face down. They can even change their mind.

The Boyd Mystery by Bill Abbott

Bill Abbot does one thing consistently: release audience-tested, real world material that just works. Yes, there’s no sleight of hand. No move monkey stuff to practise. No weird gimmick for you to play with. But what you do get is exceptional. In every way.

 Spineless by Chad Long

A literary adventure from the mind of Chad Long! Spineless is Chad Long's work on the book test using a book with no spine! The entertaining and unforgettable effect begins when a pile of loose pages are mixed by several spectators and ends with astonishment and applause!

 Sweet by Smagic Productions

If you are looking for a way to change your ordinary card routine into something new and strong, SWEET is for you! Visually you change a playing card box directly into a full gum box with the signed card magically folded inside. It's incredible when spectators are screaming while you're performing. It's easy to get that huge reaction from this extremely visual effect. In an instant, the deck changes into a package of gum with their signed selection folded inside - impossible but true! It must be magic! What are you waiting for? Order it today!