Defaced by Martin Braessas

The deck changes from blue to red, and then the ink on the faces of the cards vanishes without a trace. This multi-phase routine is a wild ride your audience will never see coming. This is Defaced by Martin Braessas.

VOX by David Jonathan

Imagine the power: A randomly chosen card. They mix the deck. Siri tells you its exact position! "VOX is yet another shining example of why I love David's brain so much. He should be declared a national treasure!" - Michael Murray

Elusive by Sultan Orazaly

Ring effects are the most visual and beautiful in the world of magic. Introducing the ultra-visual effect trick. The ring jumps from finger to finger as if it were alive! The effect that deceived hundreds of spectators and magicians will always be at your fingertips.

Appearing Glass by Steve Thompson

An innovative new way to instantly produce a full glass of liquid! Steve Thompson is a name synonymous with some of the best-selling effects in recent years like “Flite”, “Glance” and Video Chat Magic. But, with “Appearing Glass“, he and Vanishing Inc. have created something closer to “real” magic than we’ve ever seen before.

Stranger’s Gallery by John Bannon

Stranger's Gallery by John Bannon John Bannon's incredible color-changing deck routine has become a modern-day classic, and once you've seen the impact this effect has on an audience, combined with the minimal amount of sleights necessary you`ll know why. Effect

Climax – Crazy Pop Table (French)

With "The Crazy Pop Table" from Climax in France, you will have so much fun in front of a family audience. You explain an assistant that you are going to teach him a magic spell so strong, that once he knows it, he will be able to pop a balloon from the distance! A balloon is chosen, inflated and placed at your table, ready to go. But from there, everything goes completely wrong...