Equalizer by Joao Miranda

Hearing is one of our most important senses. What if we could alter the perception of it? João Miranda and his team developed, from the ground-up, a state-of-the-art speaker system that will alter your spectator's reality, allowing the magician to perform what appears to be, real magic.

Double Down by Leo Smetsers

Double Down by Leo Smetsers is the perfect addition to any Bunko set. With Double Down, Leo has combined two classic scams the board monte and Fast & Loose. Each one of the effects may be performed separately or perform them together to create a 6-minute Bunko act.

PredictOSong by Sachin.K.M

A random Spectator puts on a headphone and plays his favourite song on youtube. The Mentalist not only gets it right but also pulls a prediction with the name of the random spectator and the song he would play from inside his shoes.

Alphanumeric Deck by Juan Pablo

ALPHANUMERIC DECK is a deck designed especially for mentalism magic. This deck will allow you to perform three very powerful mentalism effects that you can present separately or if you prefer you can combine the three effects to create a very powerful routine. The first of the three mentalism effects is the most incredible