Show Reel by Michael Murray

A COMPLETE SELL OUT AT THE BLACKPOOL 2023 CONVENTION (250 COPIES SOLD AT THE EVENT)! Reveal the name of a thought of celebrity in the most direct way imaginable!

Accumulator Deck by David Penn

Five years ago Wayne fox and David Penn created The 52-1Deck. Not only used by leading magicians, all around the world, it even made its way into the repertoires of top television magicians including DYNAMO.

British Secret Service – Quick Response

Quick Response A Brand New Switching Device from British Secret Service The Switch Envelope – Reinvented Switch Playing Cards, Billets, Bank Notes, Business Cards and more WITHOUT PLACING IT INSIDE THE ENVELOPE…

The Mechanic by Dean James

The Mechanic by Dean James is a killer six-phase modular routine that is performed with a normal ungimmicked deck of playing cards. It will make you appear to have skills that people only hear about in stories of underground card sharks.

One Card Monte by Iain Bailey

Iain Bailey's One Card Monte is an interesting and commercial interpretation of the classic Color Monte style. With so many effective built-in comedies, it will definitely trigger countless laughter! In addition to the intense magical moments, you will have ideas to carry with you! One Card Monte is easy to operate a

Permanent Record by Ben Seidman

“Permanent Record” is everything you’d want in a close-up trick. This baffling miracle rocks every room and leaves people stunned with amazement. It’s powerful, direct, perfectly practical, and so easy to perform that it’s ridiculous. This is one of Ben’s everyday carries for both professional performances and seemingly impromptu miracles. You won’t want to leave home without it.