Insta Square by Martin Lewis

A visual and instant Magic Square. This isn’t math, it’s magic!

Imagine this, you pull out a pocket notebook with a blank grid and ask someone to call out a number. With just a quick magical gesture, the grid magically fills with a random array of numbers. This is an incredible moment in it’s own right, but it gets so much better. You then tear off the sheet, sign and date it, and watch as your spectators are stunned to discover that the numbers add up in 16 different ways to reach their selected number.

Insta Square is a truly memorable piece of magic from Martin Lewis (the creative mind behind Cardiographic) that ends with an incredible souvenir your spectators will cherish. It is an extremely high quality product that transforms the Magic Square from a demonstration of mathematical skills into a powerful magical moment.

This works great for close-up magic routines, as well as parlor magic shows.

Check out a full performance of Insta Square in the video above.

NOTE: Insta Square comes with enough pages for 20 performances. Refills are available.

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