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Facade Bill Change by Patrick G. Redford

The impromptu, no cover, easy to do, visual bill change! Learn Patrick Redford's impossibly clean version of the bill change. Easy to learn and easy to perform. This illusion is designed to work with 5,10, 20, 50 or 100 dollar US bills. Download and learn it today!

 Alive by Hide & Sergey Koller

Animation - one of the strongest thing in magic! What Alive is? 1. A spectator thinks of a random word 2. You show your prediction (a few lines in a random order) to the spectator and tell him this is his word written in the Japanese 3. The spectator sees how inks move on a pad and turn into his word

Balance by Richard Griffin

EFFECT: A borrowed bill and drink are shown. You now place the drink on top of the edge of the bill and let go. The drink is now seen to be balancing on the bill. Take the drink off the bill and everything can immediately be handed out for examination. Everything can be borrowed Everything can be examined before and after the effect

Decision Point by David Regal

"That is a perfect trick." - John Lovick "It takes a lot for me to add a new routine to my set, but David Regal’s Decision Point has made the cut." - Seth Kramer

Stealth 4.0 by Lars La Ville

Stealth 4.0 by Lars La Ville (La Ville Magic) 2022 Effect: The magician shows a red blank deck and a normal blue deck.The magician explains that there is only one normal card placed in the blank deck.The spectator are shuffling the blue deck and deal down 5 cards like in a game of poker.

The David Williamson Workshop May 21st 2020

Reserve your space for The Online David Williamson Experience! In the exclusive live online workshop David will share his comedy, magic, techniques, sleights, stories, philosophies, and his passion for the performance of magic. Dave has a plan for what will happen during the session, but be ready to