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Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson

Preconsleeved by Gregory Wilson Two coffee sleeves create a stunning sympathetic effect. Whatever you draw or doodle on one sleeve magically appears on the other. You then repeat the effect while a spectator holds the second sleeve. The method is crazy simple and the presentational possibilities are crazy fun.

Traveling Point by Christophe Cusumano

Traveling Point by Christophe Cusumano Imagine that you take a deck of card and the spectator chooses a card and sign it. You draw a black circle or symbols on the card and visually it moves,,, A magic trick to do in any situation, at any time and anywhere.

Corner Watch by Theo Lemaire

Corner Watch by Theo Lemaire Arteco production est fière de vous présenter sa dernière création. Son jeune créateur Théo LEMAIRE gagnant du concours ARTECO PRODUCTION nous à proposer son prototype et nous avons été sous le charme instantanément.

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly A practical, visually stunning vanish that will make your audience scream. A tool you can carry with your everyday deck. Imagine , A selected card is framed between two cards and instantly, visually, flashes into nothingness...

Mind Thief by Chris Philpott

Mind Thief by Chris Philpott "This effect is just outstanding! I really love Mind Thief, and I will do it close-up. Thanks for putting this out. It is going to be so much fun to do." - Ethan Nessen "Have to say, Mind Thief is really stunning, very clever. I'm really enjoying it. Thank you for releasing this brilliant effect." - Garry Hadley

Buyer’s Remorse by George Iglesias

Buyer's Remorse by George Iglesias Have you ever bought something and then wish you hadn't? It happens to all of us! Buyer's Remorse is a new trick that'll help you fix that situation in a blink of an eye! Now you can transform any paper receipt into a bunch of bills and it works with any currency!