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Pocket Riser by Ralf Rudolph aka Fairmagic

After the card rises it changes instantly. Pocket Riser 1.0 and Pocket Riser 2.0 have been feature creations of Ralf. These are effects he is particularly known for Version 3.0 goes another big step further by introducing a second totally visual climax.

Light Heavy Project by Wayne Fox

The Light/Heavy Project is a teaching system which allows you to perform a ‘stuck to the table’ effect with any object at any moment, without the need of any pre-show work.

Boom Deck by Wonder Makers

Boom Deck by Wonder Makers Boom Deck is the most explosive magic trick of 2020 from the "Magic Five", which hit the entire Internet and scored over 30 million views in total! The illusionist gives the viewer an invisible weapon, he himself shoots at the deck and several cards fly into the air from the explosion of fire exactly on the spectator's signed card.

Voodoo 2.0 by Nathan Kranzo

Voodoo 2.0 by Nathan Kranzo Howdy! Nathan Kranzo here with one of his worker tricks that is consistently the most requested from his audiences. Use the power of voodoo to make playing cards fold inside the boxes and business cards burn in your audience’s hands. Do that hoodoo that the Kranzilla does so well with Voodoo 2.0.