Flare by Nicholas Lawrence

This is all the stock we have until after Christmas. Reserve yours today.

In addition what you see in the video, Flare comes with a USB charger, and a matching totally-ordinary marker.

This product, Flare, qualifies for free shipping, anywhere in the world. Please read the note below about flash paper.

IMPORTANT: Flash paper is required, but not included. Due to international shipping laws, we are not permitted to airmail flash paper. If you are within the United States and Canada, you can get these reasonably priced flash pads in black or white.

The creator of Smooth, In The Clear, and Evolve has put his mind to the power of fire. Nicholas Lawrence brings you Flare.

This remarkable gimmick allows you to shoot fireballs from a seemingly ordinary marker. You receive a ready to go device that will give you the ability to harness the power of fire. Easy to use, and will draw the attention of any crowd. Nicholas has been working on Flare to make it the perfect addition to your close up magic. Designed with both performance and safety in mind, Flare is simply the best fire shooting marker available on the market. The marker is USB rechargeable, completely black so it hides in plain sight. Put the power of fire in your hand with Flare.

A note on crediting. The first person to create and market a flash cannon disguised as a marker was Rick Haslett. Penguin Magic is proud to release Flare with his explicit permission.

Note: Flare is not a toy. This is a marker that shoots actual fire. Please review all the safety information and use with caution.

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