Category Close up

Quantum Space by Calen Morelli

Quantum Space by Calen Morelli – Free Download A Sharpie VISUALLY melts through a playing card. You move it around and defy the laws the physics - then slowly remove it. Show the card front and back. It's solid and restored. Quantum seriously looks like trick photography. It isn't. Quantum is a stunning, beautiful piece of magic. It's the most visual solid through solid effect we've ever seen.

EVOLVE by Nicholas Lawrence

EVOLVE by Nicholas Lawrence – Free Download EVOLVE is a brand new visual morphing concept that can be applied to any small object including cards, receipts and bills. The object can be unfolded and handed straight out!

Unboattled by Ruben Hernando

Unboattled by Ruben Hernando – Free Download What is Unboattled about? A paper boat trapped inside a drawing of a bottle is released and materialized in the spectator’s hand. This is all thanks to the power of imagination. Unboattled is a visual and organic piece for close up magic.

T-Bill Change By Leonardo Carrassi

T-Bill Change By Leonardo Carrassi T-bill change is The best Bill Change Ever! • NO thumb tip • NO gimmiks • NO special bills • NO difficult sleight of hands • You need just two bills, any size, any bills from everywhere! Amazing effect • Very easy to do

4th Dimension by Yoo Hyun Min (Zeki)

4th Dimension by Yoo Hyun Min (Zeki) Visual and Unique Magic from Yoo Hyun Min, 2011 FISM Asia Close-Up Grand Prix Winner. (Effect) A solid red ball VISUALLY appears from a thin, flat sheet of black plastic, and then the ball VISUALLY returns into the thin, flat sheet!

Blacksmith by Tim Trono presented by Rick Lax

Blacksmith by Tim Trono presented by Rick Lax Blacksmith combines 3 of the best magic principles of all time into one amazing miracle. Rick Lax presents this incredible new method for bending a coin. Using an all new, extra bright gimmick,

Breezy Project by Jibrizy

Breezy Project by Jibrizy This Is magic I have came up with over the years. And very hard hitting magic. Trick effects: Chap Wrap: You show a chapstick fully. Place it into a spectators hand.closed. You then shoot a rubber band into their hand and it vanishes. The spectator open there hand and the rubber band is wrapped around the chapstick.