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Twins by John Morton

A simple which hand routine that can be performed anywhere. Also includes John's impromptu versions of Which hand, Saucy Kurotsuke & the Guilty secret society. ?Totally sold out at the Blackpool Magic Convention 2022

Out Of This Zip Code by Erik Tait

The Full and Complete Work On Erik Tait’s Go-To Effect There’s no question that Out Of This World is one of the strongest effects anyone can do with a borrowed deck of cards. While the deck is face down an audience member points to the backs of the cards which ones they think are red,

Let’s Go by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents you "lets´go" a new and original effect for your shows using superheroes images, in which the magician completes a Lego figure in a very magical way.

Go Out by Gustavo Raley

Gustavo Raley presents "Go Out", an incredible effect for kids shows using famous Lego characters, it is interactive, magical, practical, and fun where you can entertain and surprise your audience with a great finale; leaving a nice souvenir to your spectator.

Infinity Watch 3.0 by Bluether Magic

BASIC EFFECT: What if you had the power to predict a THOUGHT OF TIME, with absolute accuracy? With this, you now can! Imagine this, you adjust the time on your watch, and hand it off to the spectators. With things out of your hand,

Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon

Last Laugh is Mark Elsdon's brilliantly clever take on the "stranger card" plot. Two decks of cards are introduced, both with different backs. One of the decks is removed from its box, shown to be 100% regular and shuffled.

Needle Thru by Ebby Tones

"Needle thru" is a solid thru solid effect using a straight pin, Which is really visual because it is done right in front of the audience's eyes. With a super unique method Only uses one straight pin without duplicates