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S.M.S (Secret Message System) by Jiri Magic

S.M.S. allows you to make ANY prediction and have it magically delivered as a text message to your spectator's phone! There are so many scenarios possible. This system is limited only by your imagination!

Poker Face by Bill Abbott

Direct from his critically acclaimed show, this is the one Bill Abbott uses every single time he walks on stage. With just a single deck of cards, you can read the minds of every single person on stage. This is Poker Face by Bill Abbott.

Back In Business by Kyle Purnell

"This release by Kyle Purnell is simply brilliant... and brilliantly simple. He has created what is destined to become a classic method for some killer effects. It's as good as it gets." -David Regal

Scar Tissue by Seth Race

"Seth has taken the card blister effect to the limit! Such a smart idea. Every magician will definitely wanna carry this effect with them." - Jimmy Strange, creator of Replica

Envylope 2.0 by Brandon David and Chris Turchi

"I've performed the original Envylope at every show for the last nine years, so when 2.0 came out, I had to get it and it doesn't disappoint. Amazing improvements/subtleties have been added." -Christopher Kavanagh

My Poker Collection by Martin Braessas

"Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It's easy, practical, and visual. I rarely perform a packet trick but this is an exception!" - Patrick Kun From The Mind of Martin Braessas comes My Poker Collection .

A Cheater’s Dream by Astor

Martin Lewis's routine is the most powerful poker dealing demonstration I ever seen. As a first effect even the cards of the 25 cards pile are shuffled randomly face up with face down cards, dealing five poker hands the spectators realizes

Gifts From The Elders Vol 1 by Julien Losa

"I realize now how so many tricks are printed and then passed up by magi until they actually see them performed." (Annemann) This quote was true back then and is even more true nowadays ! That's why I came up with the idea of bringing to life (as in : to video...) great tricks that no one is using !