Uncommon by Josh Burch

“Recently, I was hired to perform at a private party for Ferrari. I performed this for every guest. They loved it!” – Josh Burch

“As a huge fan of magic with trading cards, I can now see endless possibilities that have just been unlocked, without the need to gaff or destroy my rarest cards!” – Michael O’Brien

Are you ready for nonstop visual magic with props that anyone will recognize?!

Perform eye popping visual card changes with iconic trading cards. If you love trading card games like Pokemon, or Magic the Gathering, you can now combine your hobbies and create an enthralling miracle with your unique collection.

Here’s what happens:
Start by showing your audience a stack of rare Pokémon cards. You explain that your friends and siblings were always trying to steal your cards, so you would hide them disguised as common cards. You then slowly change each card into a common card, one by one. Your audience can look at and inspect the cards as they change.

Once all of the cards have changed, you have a stack of common cards. But don’t worry, just as quickly as they changed, they all change back into your rare collection!

The routine is designed so that the spectator can handle and examine the cards after each change! We even teach an alternative handling where you can end clean and have everything examined. You can mix and match the moves to create your own routines and you can add cards from your own collection to make your routine unique to you.

Uncommon uses Penguin Magic’s patented Dubs and Sings. These special sleeves allow you to perform incredible card magic with regular trading cards. The sleeves keep your cards safe, they make them easy to handle, and they alllow you to gaff your trading cards without damaging them.

You will receive an assortment of genuine Pokemon cards. You also receive all of the gimmicks you will need. Everything is ready to go out of the box so you can start performing immediately!

This isn’t a normal card trick, this is Uncommon!

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