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Easy Aces by Martin Braessas

"Wow! What a great trick! This has to be one of the easiest ways to produce the four aces from a shuffled deck. And it has a surprise kicker ending." - John George, International Champion of Magic "Wow, I love Easy aces! Everything is very very clean, and it's a super magical and visual way to start a routine. Oh and you don't want to miss the Bonus effect is just awesome!" - Marcelo Insua - Tango

Miracle One by Christian Grace

Wildly fooling. Insanely fair. A ton of fun. "Miracle One" by Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. is an incredibly creative take on an idea magicians have obsessed about for decades. It is one of the most deceptive ways ever offered for having a chosen card appear at a freely-selected number in a deck of cards.

Warper by Laurent Villiger

WARPER is a revolutionary gimmick that lets you do an extremely visual card change. Imagine a Joker turning over or visually changing into the spectator's selected card, a signed card whose back changes in color by simply passing through the deck. These are some examples of what you can do with this new tool by Laurent Villiger and Olivier Mistral.

Sticker Kicker by Roddy McGhie & Jamie Williams

"I love it. Such a trippy impossibility. It feels like you can turn the world inside out." - Erik Tait "I see a ton of magic, and Sticker Kicker has one of the best endings to a card routine I've ever seen." - Shaun Dunn "When Roddy pulled the sticker off the card at the end, I was immediately floored!" - Seth Race

Smart Card by Dingding

A playing card escapes! A sandwich puzzle by the devious mind of Dingding. Easy to build right at home. Highly visual. Download it today!

Split Ends by John Shack

"Split Ends is 100% pure visual eye candy! The transformation looks just as good in person as it does on camera!" - Cody S. Fisher "Wow! THAT was super freaky! I have an idea but it involves sacrificing cats to an unpronounceable demon." - Geoff Williams "I quit, it’s that good..." - Davey Rockit

Blizzard by Dean Dill

"Dean Dill's 'Blizzard' caused a storm on its release decades ago. The method flew by everyone! I loved demoing this effect when I worked at Showplace Magic and am so happy it'll be available again." - Paul Vigil "Dean was a monster when it came to fooling people - especially magicians - very badly