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My Poker Collection by Martin Braessas

"Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It's easy, practical, and visual. I rarely perform a packet trick but this is an exception!" - Patrick Kun From The Mind of Martin Braessas comes My Poker Collection .

A Cheater’s Dream by Astor

Martin Lewis's routine is the most powerful poker dealing demonstration I ever seen. As a first effect even the cards of the 25 cards pile are shuffled randomly face up with face down cards, dealing five poker hands the spectators realizes

Gifts From The Elders Vol 1 by Julien Losa

"I realize now how so many tricks are printed and then passed up by magi until they actually see them performed." (Annemann) This quote was true back then and is even more true nowadays ! That's why I came up with the idea of bringing to life (as in : to video...) great tricks that no one is using !

Solo by Mark Mason

Effect Think inside the box! A deck of cards are removed from its case. The case is handed out for examination, it is empty. 2 jacks with a hole in the centre are shown both back and front.

Passage by Anthony Vasquez

Hello, my name is Anthony Vasquez, and I am proud to present my new creation Passage. Passage is an easy to use and assemble gimmick system that is examinable and has endless possibilities. Spectators can examine it afterwards and it is ideal for social networking. This effect can be combined in routines to create an

Corner System by Manu Llari

Corner System is the ultimate method for fool anyone. With this system you will know the identity of any card selected by the spectator without touch the deck. Its very, very easy to do and you don't need Peeks, bubble cards, marked cards or something like that.