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French Monte by Mickael Stutzinger

Here is a very attractive variant of the famous bean skinner. From this scam of the streets, the magician Mickaël Stutzinger has kept the spirit (impossible to follow the winning card), but has enriched the adventures and twists.

Cheeky Lips by Alexis Touchard

First Effect: Visual extraction A card is chosen and signed by a spectator. You lost this card in the deck. Then you show a card with a single mouth printed on it, you put it face down on the spectator's hand. You snap your fingers as a magic pass then the spectator turns the card face up, there is a folded printed card in the mouth now.

WAKEN by Bond Lee

What is real magic? It might look something like this. The true power of haunted deck An extremely visual magic piece Imagine finding your spectator’s signed card with the power of shadow Or using Psychokinesis to raise their card from…

Predict-A-Two by Totally Magic

2 Prediction cards are placed in full view from the start. From a shuffled deck two spectators select cards in a totally random way. Despite the impossibility both freely selected cards match the predictions. Clean and direct magic. *No Sleights *Regular Deck *Free Choices