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Kicker Changing Deck by Jordan Victoria

Kicker changing deck is the color changing deck for your daily use ! Imagine a FREELY selected card placed in between two jokers. The 3 cards are shown front and back and the middle card changes color. Now take off the selected card from in between the two jokers and show its back once again : it has another color !

 Perspective 2.0 by Julio Montoro

Welcome to Perspective: The Second Version. In 2021, Julio Montoro released Perspective. It instantly became a bestseller, with hundreds of units sold out in just a few days. The internet cracked with clips of magicians performing it in their social media.

Double Lift System Deluxe Edition by Radja Syailendra

Welcome to Double Lift System Deluxe Edition in this download you will learn 15 unique moves double lift. Double Lift is basic move for a magician, because just only use basic move can make impress someone in a magic performance. in this moment i just bring you new touch to do a double lift.

Changeling by Peter Eggink

"Changeling" by Peter Eggink A super visual, hands-off card change. A card is selected (signed) by the spectator and returned in the pack. Next, the cards are shuffled and a random card is sandwiched in-between the 2 jokers in such a way that the card remains in full view at all times.