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Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham

Multy-Shift by Cody Nottingham Learn how to control multiple cards to the top of the deckā€¦ with one simple move. From Cody Nottingham comes Multy-shift, a phenomenal control that allows you to shift one to multiple cards to the top of the pack. This is a simple, undetectable move that is done before the spectator can even blink.

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly

Trap Vanish by Sultan Orazaly A practical, visually stunning vanish that will make your audience scream. A tool you can carry with your everyday deck. Imagine , A selected card is framed between two cards and instantly, visually, flashes into nothingness...

Fortune Tarot by Woody Aragon

Fortune Tarot by Woody Aragon "I can't believe he's sharing this secret." -Nick Locapo A tarot reading that turns into much, much more. Your spectator cuts off any number of cards. Then she shuffles the pack. The coincidences in the reading that follows blows everyone's mind. And if that wasn't enough, just wait for the kicker ending.

Simpatico Plus by David Regal

Simpatico Plus by David Regal David Regal is a top pro who understands method can only take you so far. Simpatico's method is fail-proof and stunning, but what makes the trick unforgettable is the way it connects two of your spectators. They will never, EVER forget you and your performance. "I've performed this about 1,000 times" -David Regal

The Identity Deck by Phill Smith

Introducing the incredible Identity Deck from Phill Smith. Each playing card in the deck has on its face a different personality archetype, a different iconic image, and a different background. The deck is rich with meaning, and perfect for combining visual magic with quick punchy personality readings.

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic

Slob by Simon Lovell & Kaymar Magic SO WHAT IS SLOB? Simon Lovell's Oblique Brainwave! A spectator deals through the deck face up, stopping on a card he feels good about. This card is instantly shown to be of a different color back from the rest of the deck. He can even take the card away as a souvenir if he wishes!