Kicker Changing Deck by Jordan Victoria

Kicker changing deck is the color changing deck for your daily use !

Imagine a FREELY selected card placed in between two jokers. The 3 cards are shown front and back and the middle card changes color.

Now take off the selected card from in between the two jokers and show its back once again : it has another color !

Place this card on top of the deck, spread it and all the cards changes color.

– Very easy to do.
– Learn how to make the gimmick in less than 3 minutes.
– Can be used with any deck – any color.
– Powerful for your audience.
– You can show the front and back of your jokers at any time.
– The card is freely selected and can be signed (no force).
– No Flap, no thread, no magnets, no… almost nothing !
– All the moves are logical and allows you to justifie everything.

Jordan’s tips :

« I recommend you to use this trick as an opener. The trick is very easy to do and very easy to introduce. You’ll definitely blow your spectator’s mind with this double card change and kill them with the final changing deck ! 
I perform this for over 10 years and it’s still one of my favorite effect to perform when someone asks me for a trick ».

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