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WAKEN by Bond Lee

What is real magic? It might look something like this. The true power of haunted deck An extremely visual magic piece Imagine finding your spectator’s signed card with the power of shadow Or using Psychokinesis to raise their card from…

Predict-A-Two by Totally Magic

2 Prediction cards are placed in full view from the start. From a shuffled deck two spectators select cards in a totally random way. Despite the impossibility both freely selected cards match the predictions. Clean and direct magic. *No Sleights *Regular Deck *Free Choices

OMG Super Morigami by John Bannon

You bring out a small packet of playing cards. Each card is from a different casino and each one has a large letter written on the back. You explain that this is your ranking system. You secretly pocket a card from each Casino you visit, and then rate it from A to Z!

Parson Switch Box by Davey Rockit

TURN YOUR BORING CARD BOX INTO A POWERFUL SWITCHING DEVICE Using a tuck box to switch items is organic. Your cards are in play while you're performing magic - so your audience suspects nothing if you use the box.

Brain Child by Kyle Purnell

"Brainchild is an innovative approach to 'Think-A-Card' which will blow your audiences away. Super-easy to do, fooling and with an impossible kicker that no one will see coming!" - Mark Elsdon