Fine Print by Jay Sankey presented by Nick Locapo

Fine Print by Jay Sankey presented by Nick Locapo Everyone makes mistakes. Even you.... but that day, is not today. Whether you want to shut down a heckler, or to take your audience on an emotional rollercoaster, Fine Print is a ticking time bomb. Just slip one of the gimmicks into your deck (replace your regular ace of spades) and you're ready to go. With this new deluxe version, you get FOURTEEN gimmicks, in red and blue bicycle back, with FOUR different reveals, so unless you're giving them away as souvenirs, these will last a LONG time.

Kirigami by Max Maven

Kirigami by Max Maven In a time where expensive gimmicks and fancy electronics rule the world of mentalism, Max Maven brings us a devastating miracle using the most simple props. With just a piece of paper, something to write with, and a pair of scissors, Kirigami delivers one of the most deceptive mind-reading principles we have ever seen.

Alive by Just Kim

Alive by Just Kim Sweeping through countless magic competitions with his card magic, Just Kim has finally released his first DVD -- ALIVE. Are you tired of effects that are almost impossible to perform live? This DVD, ALIVE, is a collection of Kim's favorite card effects that can be performed in ALL show environments with guaranteed reactions!

TRKS by Kyle Marlett

TRKS by Kyle Marlett TRKS by Kyle Marlett is a brand new download with 3 effects. There is a card control, a coffee house effect, and a strolling effect. They are all easy to perform, easy to make, and highly visual. "Everything you could hope for in a download! It's like candy for your eyes... like eye candy" - Chris Ramsay


DECEIT by Sid T Brace yourself to dive into a new era of super visual, impressive, and effective magic. With DECEIT, you will be able to do clearly impossible-looking visual card magic routines. You will learn a total of 29 effects that will take your card magic to a whole new level. There's no use of magnets, loops, or threads. What you will learn is going to change the whole game. You will be able to do card changes, transpositions, productions, vanishes, moves, sleights and many more things. Plus, you will receive a BONUS section having 2 powerful card controls and a non-gimmicked appearing deck. Not only that, Sid will teach you how you can use these moves in your magic routines.

Juan Tamariz – Magic From My Heart

Juan Tamariz - Magic From My Heart Tricks: Neither Deaf Nor Stupid (that fools even connoisseurs) New Oil and Water (5 red-black cards) Oil & Water with 3 Shuffles Impromptu Deaf Nor Stupid (New Strong Climax) Impromptu Real Magic Techniques Explained: Switch in N Red-Black Preparation Trueba's Pass TPC (New ways to control cards, apparitions, and rising cards) DVD II "Exhibition" Deck