Holy COW by Chef Tsao

Holy COW by Chef Tsao Have you ever heard the "Arming System by Chef Tsao"? In that DVD, some of the most challenging coin magic to date was presented, and Chef Tsao's arming technique amazed his audience as any other true magic did.

Virtual Color Separation by B. Magic (Biagio Fasano)

Virtual Color Separation by B. Magic (Biagio Fasano) Virtual Color Separation is an impromptu, amazing and incredible effect of HANDS-OFF card magic, manageable EVEN REMOTELY, through a video chat, such as Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, but especially possible to perform BY PHONE, with a spectator who has a common deck of 52 playing cards, that the magician will never have the opportunity to see but will still be able to control inexplicably, coming at the end to separate the red-suited cards from the black ones, without the spectator any wiser.

What am I thinking by Marc Spelmann

What am I thinking by Marc Spelmann Marc Spelmann knows A LOT. How to read minds, construct spine-tingling routines backed up with bullet-proof methods. But most importantly, he knows how to FREAK. PEOPLE. OUT. "What Am I Thinking" is full of powerful tricks that convince people you have SUPERNATURAL POWERS.

The Floating Ball by Luis De Matos

The Floating Ball by Luis De Matos AN AMAZING ILLUSION FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER ONE MAN OPERATION NO MOTORS OR ELECTRONICS NEW 100% ORIGINAL MOVES EASY, SIMPLE AND QUICK SET-UP START CLEAN, FINISH CLEAN 9 PHASE ROUTINE "When I saw Luis' original routine and method I was stunned. You really can't believe the control Luis has created." - PAUL DANIELS

Duane Laflin – Kid Show Silk Magic

Duane Laflin - Kid Show Silk Magic Silk magic–it packs small yet is so visual it can easily be seen by every child even in a packed school auditorium. On this videotape, professional entertainer Duane Laflin performs an entire show of silk magic before a live audience-you'll get to see how the children react to these colorful and exciting tricks. And after the performance, you'll join Duane in the studio where he gives complete explanations to all of the routines you saw.

Sploat by Alexander Smith

Sploat by Alexander Smith Imagine being able to borrow a deck of cards and spread them past what would look normal. Then let go of one side of the spread and the cards float, just inches away from their face. This is Sploat. -borrowed deck -examine them before and after -NO threads, wires, magnets P.S. (the trick is not completely impromptu, you will need to purchase a minor prop or you might already have it)